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La Craie Furniture Paint
La Craie is a premium, luxury, thick Furniture Paint. Our romantic Furniture Paint color palette includes 32 ready to use colors with distinctive names, many of which are rooted in the culture of the deep south. Maison Blanche Paint Company’s Vintage Furniture Paint  does not contain chemical drying agents. This allows for a longer “open time”. The paint is allowed to settle and smooth out as it dries with minimal occurrence of chalk balling and brush strokes.


Our Vintage Furniture Paint dries to a soft, velvety finish and is extremely low in organic volatile compounds, making it a green and eco-friendly alternative to oil based paints so often used on furniture. This water based paint has little to no odor; you can create your masterpiece just about anywhere without fear of reprisal from your delicate senses. Our Paint has been carefully refined and perfected to the last drop. It has been specially formulated for painting furniture, cabinetry, and trim. Silky and smooth, the paint can be applied using a variety of techniques in addition to ‘straight from the can’. It can also be used to top off any existing furniture finish, without the need for stripping, sanding, or priming. Our Vintage Furniture Paint will adhere to most surfaces. Finish and protect with Maison Blanche Paint Company’s Antique Wax.


La Craie Furniture Paint ($38.95 per quart) is Available in 32 Shades.


Maison Blanche Paint Company’s Antique Wax
This is a premium formulation that has been manufactured from an old Dutch recipe for over 100 years. Well known for it’s quality, this finishing wax is used to give special protection to pieces painted with Maison Blanche Vintage Furniture Paint. Apply on top of our Furniture Paint to seal and protect your project, augmenting the natural beauty of your piece by enhancing the patina and enriching the texture. Antique Wax creates a lustrous finish as well as provides an additional vehical for embellishment.

NO NEED to apply clear Antique Wax prior to applying Dark Brown Antique Wax!


Maison Blanche Antique Wax ($21.95 per tin) is available in 4 shades: Clear, Amber, Light Brown and Dark Brown.


Glacage Embossing Crème
This is a furniture refinishing texture medium used to transform furniture and cabinetry into fantastic custom creations. Glacage is an acrylic, water-based, thick texturing cream that mimics the look and feel of intricately carved wood. Create beautiful textured finishes over wood, cabinetry, and previously painted furniture. Glacage can be applied directly to raw wood pieces. Spread luxuriously creamy Glacage through a stencil to create a raised design or apply allover for a textured look. A variety of tools can be used to apply Glacage including trowel, off set knife, sea sponge, spatula, putty knives, and paint brush. Soap and water cleanup!


Glacage Embossing Crème($34.95 per quart) is available in 5 shades: Natural Wood, Oak, Cherry, Walnut and Black.


Le Dirt Antiquing Dust
This is a special detail that makes your painted finish look Authentic and Unique. This powder aids in polishing wax topcoats to a subtle sheen and settles into crevices as if collected over the centuries. Imagine an old salvaged furniture piece that has been sitting in a dusty attic. A fine layer of dust has settled into the nooks and crannies. This is the effect that Le Dirt Antiquing Dust will help you accomplish.


Le Dirt Antiquing Dust ($16.95 for 16oz)


Organza Shimmer Coat
This is an Acrylic, water based cream used to enhance your painted finish by adding a sheer metallic touch of elegance. Use Organza in conjunction with other Maison Blanche Company products to achieve delicately shimmering glamour. Organza is a thick, rich, sparkling gel cream that has no unpleasant smell and is quick drying.

Organza Shimmer Coat ($32.95 for 16oz) is available in 6 shades: Gold, Antique Gold, Pearl Gold, Silver and Pewter.


Le Craque Crackle Medium
This product ($28.95 for 32oz) is unlike traditional crackle mediums, in that it creates much more subtle, natural looking cracks in your painted or embossed finishes.


Le Craque Extreme
This product ($28.95 for 32oz) provides a more pronounced, dramatic crackle look for your painted or embossed finishes.


Use both versions in conjunction with other Maison Blanche Paint Company products to create a believably authentic, delicately cracked finish. Le Craque is a clear, water based medium that offers a subtle crackled effect. Applying Le Craque between two layers of Maison Blanche Paint Company’s Furniture Paint will cause the top color to crack and reveal glimpses of the base color. Le Craque can also be used to crack Maison Blanche Paint Company’s Glacage Embossing Crème by applying a coat of Le Craque prior to spreading on Glacage.


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